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Sofa Reupholstery in London

London's Largest Furniture Reupholstery Specialists

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Sofa Reupholstery and furniture reupholstery

Homeserve provides professional sofa Reupholstery in London and furniture Reupholstery in London that will keep your furniture standing in your home for years to come. We can strip your sofa right down to its frame and rebuild all the way up with a material of your choosing. Sofa reupholstery will keep your furniture looking brand new and allow you to keep any pieces of furniture that you have grown fond of and share memories with.

Why Reupholster Your Sofa?

    A lot of the time, when buying a new sofa or chair, it won't match your current suite meaning you'll be left with a piece out of place or a heft bill for a new suite. Getting your Sofa Reupholstered can save you from that large bill and keep your sofa matching your style while giving it a new lease of life.

    You might be looking at your sofa and thinking of all the memories it holds or that it fits in nicely with your home and lifestyle. To make sure you keep hold of those treasured memories or to save you trying to find another sofa to fit in, get your sofa reupholstered so it lives on for years to come. You might not be able find another sofa as comfortable as the one you already have.

    Emmiera Group offers hundreds of different covers that we can provide you, or if you already have a fabric or leather you like then we can use that to carry out and sofa reupholstery to keep it in-line with your current styling, or give it that fresh new look you want to try.

    A lot of older sofas and chairs have been built with high quality frames designed to last for decades and far outlive the fabric or leather covering them. If you're still able to use your sofa after around 10 years then you know your sofa is good quality and reupholstering it can keep you using it for many more years to come!

    Any sofa reupholstery in London comes with a 12 month guarantee when carried out by Homeserve regardless of whether it's fabric sofa reupholstery or leather sofa reupholstery.

How much does it cost to reupholster a sofa?

Reupholstery prices vary from sofa to sofa, what fabric or leather you want and how many seats your sofa has. Reupholstery could cost more than buying a new budget sofa but there is no guarantee that a piece of new furniture will have the same level of quality as your current piece of furniture.

Free Collection and Delivery in London

Children and dog on sofa

Tired of searching for Upholstery near me or local furniture reupholstery? Well luckily for you, Emmiera Group offers nation wide reupholstery including sofa reupholstery in London!

We will send out a team to collect your sofa or other pieces of furniture and return it to our workshop where our team of experts in reupholstery will take care of the sofa recovering. We will then deliver your reupholstered sofa back at a time that's convenient for you.

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Why Homeserve Reupholstery

Over 15 Years Experience
Established in 2004, Emmiera Group achieved rapid growth by delivering a quality reupholstery service in London and rest of the UK that is second to none.
Nationwide Coverage
With over 150 technicians nationwide, Emmiera Group is the UK's largest reupholstery and sofa recovering company in London.
Dedicated Service Staff
We also have over 30 call centre staff to ensure that all calls and enquiries are processed with the maximum efficiency.


Frequently Asked Questions

Although most of our sofa repairs take place in the home, any full sofa recovering/sofa reupholstery would be uplifted back to our workshop where our specialists will carry out the reupholstery. You'll be given a loan sofa while your sofa is being reupholstered

The time for sofa reupholstery in London varies from job to job and depending on what material you want. Our team will advise you on how long it will take and keep you upto date on your sofa reupholstery throughout the process

Homeserve are able to reupholster any furniture with either fabric or leather.

Reupholstery is the skilled work carried out by a furniture specialist of providing furniture with fabric covers or leather covers, webbing springs or padding. Click here to find out more