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Mattress & Bed Repairs

At Emmiera Group we know just how essential your bed is to everyday life, and how by keeping it in good condition can guarantee you a good night’s sleep. Our technicians are fully trained to carry out all types of repairs on any type of bed, from wooden to metal frames and from sofa to TV beds.

Our team aim to fix any and all issues on the first visit, and if we can’t we’ll uplift your bed to our state-of-the-art workshop to fix instead.

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Adjustable Bed



We have just what you need. For your wooden frames our technicians can measure and cut the required repair in their mobile workshop right at your home.


Our technicians can repair any scratches or cuts to your leather base. Each technician carries a full leather repair kit allowing them to repair or cover up any issues you might find.


We contact the manufacturers directly to ensure we can select the correct items for your metal frames to ensure years more of use.


Want a new cover on your bed, pick from the same or different with one of our upholstery teams. We can re-upholster the whole bed for you if you need us to. Choose from our wide selection of coverings so find one you prefer elsewhere, and we’ll use that.


If your bed is structurally sound but you’ve noticed the stitching starting to come loose that’s no problem for out technicians. All our team are trained seamsters and able to sew you bed back together if need be.


Damage to divan drawers, such as rails coming away, can stop the drawers on the bed from opening and closing correctly. Aligning the rails and rectifying structural defects will ensure the drawer is restored to a fully working state.

Nationwide Coverage

With over 130 technicians throughout the UK we can provide a service to you no matter where you're located.
National Bed Federation Logo 
Emmiera Group are proud to be the first furniture repair and restoration company to be an accepted member of the National Bed Federation


Our technicians are fully trained to repair all manner of specialist beds.


Is the motor in your TV bed struggling to move your TV? How about your adjustable bed, is that moving as quickly as it was when you bought it?

Not to worry, because we work closely with most of the bed motor manufacturers in the country, we’re able to get you replacement motors straight from them to return your bed back to show room standard.


Maybe it’s not the motor that’s gone wrong, it could be the mechanism or one of the joining components that’s causing an issue.


Have a bed you can control with your phone? Struggling to get it working how you want? Not to worry, our technicians are comfortable with all manner of bluetooth enabled beds and will be happy to help you set up your system to provide you the upmost comfort.


Our technicians are also able to offer advice about the tolerance of your mattress, along with its expected durability, and maintenance and care guidance.


Repairs to both traditional tufts fitted with twine, and modern tufts fitted with tapes. All technicians carry a popular selection of tufts, twine and various tape sizes as van stock. This enables us to complete a tuft repair on the first visit.


Our technicians follow a formal 6-point mattress inspection process. Assessing wear, tear, any manufacturing faults and measuring the settlement of the mattress over time. Every one is provided with a settlement tolerance guide to help aid in the diagnosis of faulty, and non-faulty mattresses.

Sewing a mattress to repair it

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