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Top 10 Easter Activities For Kids


Posted on 15/04/2019 - Last Updated by TOM - 15/04/2019

Top 10 Easter Activities For Kids

Struggling for ideas for the kids this easter? Worry no more Homeserve Furniture Repairs has compiled the ultimate easter holiday list.

10) Craft Easter Egg Basket

Crafting Easter egg baskets is great fun! This one ties in very nicely with one of the later activities.

9) Make Chocolate Nests

Chocolate nests are a delicious treat that taste as good as they are fun to make!

To make chocolate nests you will need

How to make

8) Visit a Petting Farm

Visiting a petting farm is a great way to spend the day, the kids will love to meet and pet all the animals! Make sure to double check the opening hours of petting farms/zoos near you to avoid disappointment.

7) Write a Letter to the Easter Bunny

This one may be better to do a little before easter so the easter bunny has time to "read" the letter and reply. 

Writing a letter to the easter bunny will be exciting for your children, especially if they can also get a response (before easter)! We recommend posting the response back through your letter box on easter day!

6) Build an Easter Blanket Fort

We've written a fab article on this one right here

5) Watch Some Classic Easter Movies!

Sit back and relax with the family and watch some great easter movies! Some great easter movies include:

4) Decorate Boiled Eggs!

Decorating boiled eggs is a great crafting activity! You can use paint, glitter, sequins, googly eyes or anything else you can imagine! See who can come up with the most creative design!

3) Hold an Egg Race!

Once you have decorated your egg (or you can use plain hard boiled eggs) a fun idea could be to have an egg and spoon race. You can think of some fun rewards and prizes for the winners!

2) Egg Toss

Egg toss is another fun game to play in teams of two. Throw an egg back and forward in your team, the team who gets the furthers distance apart when the egg is dropped wins!

WARNING! Do NOT use hard boiled eggs to play egg toss! It will HURT and possibly cause INJURY!

1) Easter Egg Hunt

You may have already thought of this one, but we couldn't miss off such an eggciting adventure. (yes we know an eggcellent joke)

To setup an easter egg hunt, you will need:

Simply, hide the eggs all arround, and let the kids look about and find them! You can even leave clues!

Please note: Homeserve Furniture Repairs Ltd provides this information for educational, advisory and entertainment purposes. While every effort has been made to ensure the activities above are safe, the activities are designed to be supervised by an adult, parent or guardian.  Your child's safety is your number one priority and Homeserve Furniture Repairs Ltd cannot accept any liability for any harm or damages that may arise.  

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