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The Latest Home Living Trends this Month


Posted on 03/08/2020 - Last Updated by AMANDA - 20/08/2020

The Latest Home Living Trends this Month

If you're looking for ideas to spruce up areas in your home, here are a few home living trends to inspire you this August.

August Home Living Trends

We’ve seen many home DIY trends over the past few months as we all adjust to a new way of living. Many people picking up paint brushes, up-cycling old furniture or organising kitchen spaces. As we've been spending more time indoors, this has lead to us all wanting to improve spaces within our home. So if you are looking for ideas to spruce up areas in your home, here are a few interior trends to inspire you this month.

1. Classic Blue

Back in January PANTONE® released its colour of the year, which has seen the beloved grey be pushed out in favour for classic blue.
Click here> for loads of inspiring blue room ideas from realhomes.com

2. Blush Pink

With the return of the geometric triangle wall trend this season we saw the popularity of blush pink rise as it was used with grey, white and gold. If you're not comitted to painting a whole wall, maybe add an accent chair or furniture in blush pink to your living space. Click here> to create your own feature wall from idealhome.co.uk.

3. Rattan Furniture

The hunt for sustainable furniture is on the rise as people are more conscious of what they buy. They want to know what the product is made of and how it’s produced. Some tips to choosing furniture made from natural materials is looking out for timber, bamboo and also look out for the FSC logo. Thinking about furniture made locally, and products made from recycled materials can be another good way if you're looking towards sustainability.

As we’ve seen over the last few months, up-cycling or recycling homewares is a great way to create more eco friendly homes. If you have any furniture with a metal frame that needs sprucing up, here at Homeserve Furniture Repairs we offer powder coating as a service get in touch for more details.

Call: 01384 473000 or Email: info@homeserverepairs.co.uk

4. Velvet Furniture

Velvet has been huge throughout 2020 with it’s luxurious feel and look.

5. Bringing the Outdoors in
Over the past few months being outdoors has been important to everyone’s health and wellbeing. Studies have also shown that indoor plants improve concentration, productivity, reduce stress levels and boost your mood. With many people being at home or working from home it’s no wonder that houseplants have been trending. Click here> to find out the best 11 house plants that will boost your mood and space.

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