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Meet The Team - James


Posted on 11/12/2020 - Last Updated by AMANDA - 08/02/2021

Meet The Team - James

Meet The Team - Today we're meeting James who is our Chief Executive Officer, and we're finding out more about James and his role here at Homeserve Furniture Repairs.

Name: James Lane 

Company Role: Chief Executive Officer

Favourite Quote:

" One day at a time " 

" If he even dreams he'll beat me, he better wake up and apologise " 

Your Top 3 Favourite Podcasts/Books/Films:
Don't really listen to podcasts or read many books.
But my favourite movies are:
1. Argo
2. Snatch
3. Green Book

What do you do at Homeserve Furniture Repairs:
As CEO of the company I have oversight of everything, and putting the right management team in place makes my role more free.

I could be speaking with new and existing customers in the morning, then going through cash forecasts, having a meeting with my management team, and then walking around the workshop in the afternoon. No two days are the same, but that is what I love, hands on for the whole business

What do you like about working at Homeserve Furniture Repairs:
The team I have around me, wouldn't swap them for the world. Especially my managers - the passion and dedication they all have is priceless. Everyone at Homeserve Furniture Repairs makes their contribution to the amazing company we all work for.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working:
Work never really stops, but for my sins I do support Aston Villa, and I do like to go and watch the games when fans are allowed in! 
Boxing is another great love of mine, and I've seen some great fights live, sponsored local boxers from the start of their careers and seen them progress. I love to go on holidays, but that’s on hold at the moment!!.....well flying is anyway.

My ultimate enjoyment is my family, I am truly blessed to have 3 beautiful daughters, 2 great step sons, a beautiful step daughter, and an amazing wife to be, Sarah.

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