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How to make perfect homemade pancakes with our delicious pancake recipes!


Posted on 27/02/2019 - Last Updated by THOMAS - 02/04/2019

How to make perfect homemade pancakes with our delicious pancake recipes!

Learn how to make perfect pancakes ready for pancake day!

When is pancake day 2019?

Pancake day is the Tuesday 5th March 2019.

What ingredients will I need?

You will need:


Step One

First create the batter by adding the flour into a large bowl or measuring jug. Make a dip in the middle and pour in the milk and eggs. Now whisk the liquid mixture until it blends. Once it has blended, mix the liquid mixture into the flour until the consistency is smooth.

Step Two

Simply add one table spoon of vegetable oil and whisk again.

Step Three

Take a large frying pan and and add a small amount of oil. Use kitchen roll to gently spread the oil throughout the whole pan. Then heat the pan for a minute.

Step Four

Carefully add the mixture to the pan and start rotating it around the pan using your wrist to evenly spread it throughout the pan.

Step Five

Now cook the mixture for roughly 40 seconds. Once the underside is golden brown turn it over. (You can use a spatula or pallet knife). Then flip and cook the other side.

Voila you're done! You can add the lemon wedges and sprinkle the sugar over the top for a sweet finish.

Sugar coated pancakes

Other serving ideas

Strawberries and cream, folded. Yum!

Strawberry filled pancake

How about bacon berries and maple syrup?

Bacon pancake

Or how about a drizzle of chocolate? My mouth is watering already!

Chocolate filled pancake

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